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Apptitude is a 3-in-1 platform that offers innovative solutions to students, schools, and businesses. It is a combination of an engaging Learning Management System, an efficient Skills Engine, and effective Job Development System.
Voter's Education 2019
PPCRV carries on its mission in every diocese as a Community of Disciples that is a Church of the Poor and for the Poor. The center of gravity of its service, from the beginning till now, is tilted towards the poor and the youth. Voters from these sectors are the most vulnerable to exploitation and repression of their absolute right to suffrage. Commitment to them in our election journey is drinking from our own wells. Read more.
Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting
Voter's Education 2019
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Schools and institutions have integrated Apptitude in their educational programs worldwide. Top quality educational and informative content from varying locations is now centralised and accessible from anywhere in the globe.

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Online Admission

Apptitude enables schools and institutions to automate their admission processes for their courses, classes, and seminars. In addition, student and participant information are stored in the system's secure system for easier and more efficient management.

Course Management

The platform's intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows for an optimised management of courses and modules that maximises learning through a wide variety customisable settings and options.

Data Analytics

Apptitude is a groundbreaking platform that has pioneered in providing users real-time and relevant statistics such as Item Analysis for exams, Performance Analytics for classes, and many more that allow schools and institutions to better assess the performance of their students and participants. This translates to equips the necessary professionals with the tools to better adjust the direction of their courses to consider class performance.

Addons and Integrations

The platform offers a wide array of capabilities for professionals to take advantage of in creating suitable and significant content for their courses. This includes an integration of Youtube, SoundCloud, Google Apps, and many others into the system to support a more flexible and robust experience to users on every end.

Smart Certifications

Through the use of advanced blockchain technology, Apptitude reduces the need for intermediaries in the relationship between students and educators in the teaching-learning process. Likewise, quality education and its benefits are now more accessible and inclusive to anyone.